A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam.

For a brief moment it's glory and beauty belong to our world.

But then it flies on again, and though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky just to have seen it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nalah, my Teacher.

Nalah, I had another talk with Opa today about you in his ICU room. We talked of how I learned to open my heart and mind to spirituality, because of my journey with you. Opa remarked "Maybe Nalah was sent here to teach all of us". We spoke of how you are such a blessing, and have taught me so many incredible life lessons. I reassured Dad again of how both you, and he, are not burdens to us, as that is one of his big fears. My Dad loves you so much sweetheart. We also talked of feeling you near, and Opa remarked "I think you feel her presence most of all". I suggested to Opa that if he was open to it, he could likely feel you near too. Opa said he does feel you near. I know you are watching over your family and loving us from where you are. I can assure you that our love for you reaches wherever in the Universe you are too (whether it is Heaven, or you are on a field trip of some sort). Karis keeps reporting about parts of the world you have visited, and telling us details about places we have never been. Karis is calling me, she has me 'skipping rope' with her this morning.

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