A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam.

For a brief moment it's glory and beauty belong to our world.

But then it flies on again, and though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky just to have seen it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Karis' Bad Dream & Nalah's Favorite Song

Oh Nalah, your Big Sister misses you so much. I think she has so many conflicting emotions right now, as she grows into her grief. Karis woke early this morning from a bad dream. Karis says she was playing with you, outside in the pouring rain. You were both listening to Katy Perry on my iPhone. Notably, the bad part of the dream, according to Karis, was not that you were both outside in the rain (apparently without adult supervision). The 'bad part' was losing photos of you together and the music video of Katy Perry! Karis has a bit of a thing for Katy Perry and Hannah Montana. She pretends they come to visit us at our house. Not the best choice of role models, or friends, but then she is  lonely so I allow her this indulgence. I know how you loved your sisters iPod. You would wiggle yourself over to wherever she was playing with it, and practically sit on top of it. You could not get close enough. I can just see you two huddling together watching music videos.

We all know, though, that your favourite artist is SEAL. If it were up to you, he would have had his comeback.

Nalah's all time favourite song is "It's Alright", a cover by Seal on his SOUL album. Nalah always had a blissful/ contented look on her face when she listened to this song. This was the only pop/adult album I downloaded for Nalah. She had a huge music collection of children's music. However, she responded most strongly to Seal. We will get you the new album  Nalah. I promise. 

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